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Dear forumites, 
포럼 유저들에게

How would you like to be a part of our closed multiplayer beta for Fall of the Samurai?
사무라이의 몰락의 클로즈 베타 테스터가 되보시는것은 어떻습니까?

You’ll get the opportunity to try out brand new content way ahead of everyone else – and what’s more, we’re looking for lots of people to get involved!
여러분 모두 우리의 새로운 컨텐츠를 즐길수 있는 행운을 손에 넣으셨습니다. 한가지 더, 우리는 더 많은 참여자를 구하고있죠.

If you apply to join the programme right now, we’ll be letting in early applicants before December 23rd. Then, in the new year, we’ll be rolling out keys to everyone else who’s applied to be a part of the beta. 
만약 우리 프로그램에 신청하실것이라면 지금 당장하십시오, 우리는 12월 23일까지 신청자를 받거든요. 그리곤, 새해엔 모두에게 베타키를 나누어줄 생각이죠.

Please note that to join the programme, you’ll have to agree not to talk about the contents of the beta with anyone. The non-disclosure agreement you have to sign also prevents you from taking screenshots or videos from the content you’ll be playing. 
저희 프로그램에 참여할것이라면 누구에게도 베타 컨텐츠의 내용에 대해 이야기 하지 않을것이라는걸 작성하셔야합니다. 비폭로 계약은 여러분이 다른 사람에게 자신이 플레이한 스크린샷이나 혹은 동영상등을 공개하는걸 방지하기 위한것에 대한 서명이라할수 있습니다.

What’s more, the agreement is legally binding – so make sure you’re comfortable with this before signing up. There’s a checkbox on the form that you need to tick in order to acknowledge this. 
한가지 더, 비폭로 계약은 법적으로 구속력이 있습니다. - 그러니 가입하기전에 마음을 편하게 가지세요. 확인란에 체크하시기 위해선 양식에 대한 이해가 있어야하니까요.

We'd also love to hear your feedback on the beta - so head on over to the new subsection of the forum we've created for feeback in the members' only section.
또한 우린 베타 기간중의 여러분의 피드백을 기다리겠습니다. - 그러니 포럼에 피드백을 위한 멤버 전용 공간을 만들어놓겠습니다.

To sign up, just hit this link below: 


The beta is still a project very much in development, and for that reason it won't be complete. There are a few known issues that we'd like you to know about that won't be the case in the final version of the game, which is due for release in March 2012.
베타는 여전히 개발에 중요한 프로젝트입니다, 그리고 그런 이유로 아직 완성되지 못했죠. 이것은 게임에 게임 최종 버전에 적용도지 않은것으로 알려진 몇가지 문제점들입니다. 이것들은 2012년 3월에 공개될 예정입니다.(잘 모르겠음;;)

Existing known issues:

Some issues with avatar traits
Some issues with unit cards
Some retainer cost issues
Known UI bugs with avatar tutorial
Some unit banners don't display correctly in battle
Known clan token issues
XP is currently set to 4x
Only FotS units currently available for selection

If you do enjoy the beta, please consider picking up a copy of the game when it becomes available for pre-purchase on Steam. It's your invaluable support that helps up keep making Total War games, and keep making them better than ever.

Merry Christmas. We'll see you on the battlefield.
메리 크리스마스. 전장에서 봅시다.

-The Creative Assembly

PS. Please note it might be a few hours, days or even weeks before you get your code. We'll be handing them out in batches to ensure stability. We'll try to give priority to those who sign up first.


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